Amàre Hotels are hotels located on the beachfront in Marbella and Ibiza that are the result of an impressive location with the maximum commitment to architecture, fashion and the purest Mediterranean lifestyle. Amare Hotels thus configures an adults-only hotel offer that finds its most defining point in guaranteeing vacations in lifestyle, relaxation and well-being.
Its careful defense of a unique gastronomy that conforms to a wide variety of cuisines and gastronomic styles for true 'foodie lovers' deserves a special mention.

The objective

Aiming to define a uniform, coherent and relevant graphic style, Amàre Hotels pursues the objective of defining unique graphic lines that define each of its actions, betting on an agency that manages all the graphic assets of the Amare Hotels brand both in its hotel Marbella as in Ibiza.
A graphic objective that translates into not only creating a visual style that is maintained throughout its seasons, but also seeking the constant vanguard of innovation, thus configuring a brand that is visually vibrant, innovative and committed to design.

The process

In order to defend an innovative graphic style for which a whole visual storytelling is developed over two years and which seeks to cement a defining graphic line for Amàre Hotels at the same time that it avoids any graphic standardization that interferes, precisely, with the innovative, changing and dynamic personality of Amare Hotels. In this way, it is committed to a graphic design that combines a current lifestyle, on trend, while reflecting the values of an active, conscious and Mediterranean lifestyle.


 Themed posters.

In order to group visual styles related to the different themes of the hotel, different graphic lines are defined to recognize and order the different entertainment programs of the hotel.
In this way, different graphic lines different from each other are generated to announce theme parties, live events, unique performances or exhibitions, among others, thus grouping and differentiating the extensive program of activities of both Amare Marbella and Amàre Ibiza in graphic lines own for the Amare Hotels brand.


 Editorial design

Editorial design of letters, magazines, commercial dossiers, brochures, flyers and guides, among other materials intended to promote hotel services in both graphic materials within the hotel and advertising materials.

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 Graphic Materials and Advertising

Design of graphic materials, amenities, merchandising and graphic resources for Amare Hotels as well as the design of advertising campaigns for the brand.

Client: Amare Hotels
Services: Graphic design
Editorial design
Graphic Materials
Key Values: Lifestyle, Cleanliness, Graphic Innovation