The expert couples psychologist Juande Serrano «Psicojuande» and the director of, Ana Porras, star in a conference-gathering that takes place by. title "Love in the XXI century" and that, framed in the celebration of "Live Fuengirola with Love" seeks to create an x-ray of the challenges and particularities of the ways of living Love in a society based on consumption, fleeting relationships and the questioning of all the pillars on which the concept of "love" and "couple" have traditionally been sustained.

The objective

With the aim of designing a poster, as well as the presentation and adaptations that accompany the conference, the aim is to create an advertising poster that introduces a series of visual elements that configure the visual identity of the paper, seeking maximum recognition of the elements, thus as the facility to be adapted to all kinds of formats and supports.
A poster that is related to the title, "Love in the XXI century" that in addition to its functional objective, awakens debate and attention in the audience, through a design that invites questioning and reflection.

The process

To achieve the proposed objectives, we start from the conceptual search for love in its maximum essence combined with contemporary visual styles that reflect values of the 21st century in a graphic construction that invites the viewer to reflect and find their own meaning.

Once the graphic identity is defined, the design adapts to different formats and media (advertising media, mailings, social networks, etc.) and even represents the starting point for the design of presentations and elements present during the conference (the presentation that illustrates the presentation ).

Branders And Co-Amor en el siglo xxi

 Tradition and contemporaneity.

The creative concept of «Love in the XXI century» is born from disengaging the traditional concept of love so that at a specific moment in the process it turns towards elements of the XXI century. For this, the visual development of the concept is born with the use of the figure of the heart (represented anatomically) that is completed with the use of elements reminiscent of an engine, symbolizing with it technology, advancement and innovation, three defining elements of the 21st century. Above the figure, the text that gives shape to the title "Love in the 21st century" is introduced with a serif typeface (which brings tradition) but which is cut-off and shown in a layout in which the characters are not complete and that represent emptiness, non-solidity, in a reflection of liquid love or incomplete, but that in the eyes of the viewer, and playing with the psychological principle of figure and background, makes sense in his mind.

Client: Love in the XXI century
Services: Graphic design
Key Values: Simplicity, Art, Reflection