Miró Clinic opens its doors in Marbella with a range of aesthetic and medical-aesthetic treatments led by the prestigious doctor Carlos San Martín with a reputable experience in aesthetic medicine in a professional career that is endorsed by the Top Doctor guide from his clinic in Madrid.
At the Miró Clinic, the extensive experience of the doctor comes together with the know-how of Isabel, its manager, to offer a wide range of latest technology treatments with the best quality, privacy and experience.

The objective

When facing the visual creation of the identity of Clínica Miró, it is necessary to meet a clear objective that lies in offering a simple, clean image directly related to the classic values of aesthetic medicine but from a prism of modernity, elegance and minimalism.
A visual configuration that adds value to the service portfolio and helps to position the brand in the mind of a demanding consumer, who values quality above all else and where trust is postulated as the most solid element of conceptualization.

The process

The visual identity design process of Clínica Miró was born with the clear conceptualization of the values that must be represented through, not only from the aesthetic clinic's own image but from the application of this identity to all the graphic materials that make it up. .
In this way, an identity must be sought visually simple but easily adaptable to cards, stationery, signage, advertising communication and even the website of the clinic, which should be a website that helps to transfer the value proposition of the clinic to potential patients.


 Your two me.

With the intention of communicating the objective message of Clínica Miró as a starting point for the visual construction of its identity, two forms are defined that are reminiscent of a face. One of them represents the "current me," the viewer's self. The other, for his part, represents an "ideal self," the ideal version of oneself. And in this way, Clínica Miró becomes the place where your current self meets your ideal self, thus closing a circle in which the clinic presents itself as the place where both converge.

Client: Miro Marbella Clinic
Services: Graphic design
Web design
Key Values: Simplicity, Cleanliness