As a benchmark for a Spa concept where the best Spa and Wellness treatments are combined with a holistic concept of facilities and events, Monarque Spa was born as a reinterpretation of the traditional concept of Spa available in Monarque hotels. A different way of understanding the concept of Spa in which the best service, the best facilities and an agenda of events, workshops and courses aimed at achieving maximum balance and personal growth prevail.

The objective

Faced with the challenge of creating a subsidiary brand that groups the Spas of the Monarque hotel chain, the objective is to unite the concept and value proposition of the Spas in a unique and valuable brand to offer it a connected but differentiated identity with respect to the hotel brand. A new brand proposal that must culminate in the creation of a unique and different visual style where the visual identity itself serves to establish an entire strategic framework on which the brand is based.

The process

Monarque Spa's visual identity design process was born with the aim of maintaining visual connections with the parent brand, Monarque Hotels, to rebuild a new brand from its initial concept.
To do this, we start by defining a symbol that groups the concept of «balance» and that is transferred to the new configuration to the graphic materials of the brand that conclude in the design and programming of its website.

Branders And Co Monarque Spa Logo Reveal


With the intention of communicating the objective message of Monarque Spa, we start by defining a symbol that is directly associated with balance and balance as analogies to emotional stability.
To do this, it starts from the figure of the «lotus flower» commonly associated with well-being transformed to assimilate to a crown with the aim of associating it with the brand name, Monarque.
Finally, a visual configuration is defined in which the thicknesses and weights of the fonts help define the brand's visual path, creating a balanced and stable set. Principles and values that are communicated through the rest of the graphic materials and that are made even more visible in the Monarque Spa web design in which the visual elements are grouped in boxes and modular spaces that seek greater visual stability.

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Client: Monarque Spa
Services: Visual identity
Web design
Graphic design
Key Values: Balance, Harmony, Simplicity