Nomad Art is a multidisciplinary multimedia company that offers audiovisual experiences of the highest quality both for the organization and production of private companies and for the design and commissioning of immersive experiences. A brand that has in its history the pride of having organized, executed and managed multimedia exhibitions of the stature of Van Gogh Alive or El Oro de Klimt in a multisensory experience in which the works of the artists come to life in traveling exhibitions throughout the national territory.

The objective

With the ultimate goal of establishing a brand that brings together the services offered by Nomad Art, while providing a platform that shows the identity and values of the brand, the aim is to concentrate the identity and culture of the company on a unique visual identity that serves as brand recognition. At the same time, this brand must visually expand to generate a development of graphic materials that generate the visual universe of Nomad Art, culminating in the design and programming of a corporate website based on inspiration, interactivity and art.

The process

In a creative process that seeks to break with traditional concepts of brands related to art, the creative process of Nomad Art begins with a de-construction of the artistic concept, breaking down the services of the brand and turning it into pieces that mesh and unite in the Nomad Art brand.
An explosion of art, design and visual elements that emerge and come together out of nowhere (represented by the color black) and interact in an explosion of color and artistic creation to define a visual space full of color and movement, defining the visual concept of the company.


 Order and chaos.

Nomad Art is characterized precisely by its multidisciplinarity in a sector as rich in elements as that of art. Nomad Art appears on the artistic scene to unite all those slopes and a priori disordered concepts (and that are represented by different geometric figures from each other; figures that rotate, rotate and order themselves in a solid configuration that builds the name "Nomad" giving as The result is a visual identity that brings together and orders chaos in a simple, minimalist and structured final visual representation.


 Structured navigation.

When transferring the concept of identity to the Nomad-Art website, the value of the structure, simplicity and ease of the user experience are maintained, as a structural pillar of development.

With this objective, the website is structured based on 2 clear concepts: Who We Are and What We Do, summarizing in them the entire philosophy of the brand.

 Movement (responsible)

Nomad Art's conceptualization is based on the concept of order and movement. In web design and development, there are therefore two structural points that must prevail in each section. The simple structure and the block design help to reflect the order, but the case of movement could lead to altering this order and simplicity.

To do this, it is decided to structure each section with a different header that reflects a movement of paint, of smoke, in an explosion of color that precisely reflects the movement and dynamism of the brand in a responsible (responsive) visual configuration that maintains and expands on all devices.

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Client: Nomad Art
Services: Graphic design
Visual identity
Web design
Key Values: Simplicity, Art, Movement