YSM (Yo Soy Mujer) is a digital medium whose contents include interviews, reports and articles on lifestyle, society and culture in the province of Malaga. Founded in 2016, the magazine has established itself as a reference medium for information through its sections and careful journalistic style, both in form and in the selection of topics that its contents occupy.

On the fourth anniversary of the magazine, the medium adopts the need for a change in its visual identity that reflects the personality, rigor and quality that it has acquired at this time with a renewed image that is closer to the reader's profile and with improvements for advertisers who include their advertising on it.

The objective

The process of restyling and visual redefinition of the brand begins with the aim of showing a more solid, rigorous image, and more aligned with the content included in the medium. A new approach that maintains intact the values of rigor, professionalism and excellence with which the medium was born and which, four years after its opening, now seeks to reinforce the brand's values and personality from its identity.

A redesign that affects not only the visual identity itself but also lands on the brand's materials as well as a comprehensive relaunch and redesign of the medium who now seeks to pursue a more intuitive, visual and reader-oriented design with the redesign of all pages, articles and sections.

The process

Starting from the clear objective, the restyling begins with the reconceptualization of the visual identity of the magazine. For this, a new color palette is defined to soften the initial one with the aim of relaxing the visual weight of the brand. A process that starts from the creation of the acronym YSM as a short version of the name (I am a woman) at the same time that it helps to create a more ordered, collected and neutral visual composition.

Principles that extend later in the readaptation of all the impact materials of the brand, as well as in the design of the website itself that create a platform in which content and advertising coexist in a simple, clear and differentiated way offering a Web more intuitive, clear and, above all, visual.

 Same values. New identity.

The restyiling of «Yo Soy Mujer» seeks to find a more neutral, visually more relaxed and more refined approach without giving up the concepts of simplicity, formality and elegance with which its first version was created.

To this end, it is decided to replace the magenta color with an earth color that increases the exclusivity of the brand while relaxing its visual weight and neutralizing the graphic load of both the identity and the graphic elements that derive from it.


 Usability. Usability. Usability.

The fundamental and objective pillar of the redesign and reprogramming process of Yo Soy Mujer is to guarantee the best user experience. Create a platform in which the articles coexist optimally with the advertising inserts avoiding intrusive formats that subtract rigor and seriousness from the brand. For this, the sections are configured with dynamic but not emergent elements that appear when the user needs them, betting on a clean visual style in which the contents are the protagonists.

 SEO. Still In Orbit.

With the intention of keeping the user informed and browsing other news and content that are of interest to them, the YSM website is structured based on dynamic windows that appear at key moments when the user wants to continue browsing similar news. A technology that makes content prevail, as experienced in details even in the news search box itself, in which news appears as the user enters the terms.

Sin título

 Rediseño de App.

Una vez culminado el rediseño de la Aplicación Móvil de Yo Soy Mujer y con el objetivo de implantar no solo el nuevo diseño sino las nuevas funcionalidades de la experiencia de navegación de YSM, se rediseña la App completa aportándola de distintas herramientas como la marcación de noticias como favoritos o la nueva experiencia de usabilidad, entre otras.

Client: I AM A WOMAN | YSM
Services: Graphic design
Visual identity
Web design
Key Values: Simplicity, Minimalism, Elegance, Rigor