Viva Hotels is a hotel chain in Mallorca that includes a portfolio of hotels focused on holiday tourism offering in its wide portfolio hotels for families, adults only, focused on sports and hotels focused on wellness.
Viva Hotels is therefore presented as a dynamic, vibrant and versatile chain adapted to welcome a guest who values, above all, fun on their holidays.

The objective

Coinciding with its 20th Anniversary, Viva Hoteles seeks to redesign its corporate identity, breaking with previous visual approaches to define and extend its own concept of visual communication, clear and identifiable by its public, betting on a fun, dynamic and easily identifiable image.
At the same time, Viva Hoteles seeks to establish its own claim and storytelling on which to base the brand in this new stage.

The process

With the aim of designing, defining and creating a new identity for Viva Hotels, it starts from the concept of "Fun" that the brand establishes among its values. A value that must be reflected in all graphic development following dynamic and vibrant visual elements that break with the entire previous graphic line without giving up the most determining values of its storytelling, resulting in a fun, different and clearly identifiable visual line or conceptualization by the audience.


 Dynamism and Fun.

Starting from the concept of "Fun", a variable, asymmetric and adaptable graphic line is configured that reflects the dynamism of the concept. Organic shapes that vibrate around the name keeping the original color range of the brand in a visual explosion that serves as a starting point for the graphic development of all its materials.

Historia aniversario VIVA

 An adaptable concept

With the aim of standardizing the new graphic line of Viva Hotels, the identity is configured in such a way that it can spread through all the graphic materials of the hotel chain, thus defining a graphic line or a graphic style of coherent visual communication between all its impact points.

Services: Graphic design
Visual identity
Key Values: Diversión