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Fashion masks



Mascarillas a la Moda was born as an undertaking by two professionals who combine their experience to create a brand that transforms the mandatory use of masks into a fashion accessory by advocating for materials with maximum approval and safety as well as the commitment to fair trade and maximum respect for the environment.


The objective

Based on the firm objective of the brand to define a visual and verbal line that configures a clear, differentiated, solid and coherent visual communication that is reflected in all the communication actions of the brand as well as in the establishment of the website that will be the company's sales platform.


The process

Starting from the pillars on which the brand is established, a communication is adopted that moves as far as possible away from the visual aesthetics of the sanitary territory to bring it closer to that of fashion and lifestyle, configuring a visual and verbal style predominant in the healthcare industry. fashion, adopting their visual styles for the entire design process.

Fashion Masks/ Visual Identity / Graphic Materials / Web.

Visual identity

In order to define a graphic line consistent with the brand and bring it closer to the target audience Mascarillas a la Moda, a simple and versatile logo is defined, highlighting its ability to adapt to any format.
In this way, the use of the brand name is advocated in a monochromatic construction in which the disruptive character becomes visible with the intentional turning of any of the letters.

Ecommerce web

Extending the graphic line used for communication and advertising actions, an online platform for e-commerce sales is generated where functionality and ease of navigation are combined with an interactive and striking user experience with the use of constructions that remind the e -fashion commerce.

In this way, each of the products acquire their own value by joining in a visual configuration to characteristic elements of the storytelling of each product.

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